How to create Facebook Application for Cakephp User Management Plugin

Cakephp 2.x and 3.x User Management Plugin provides you log in and registration with Facebook. For enable this feature you must create Facebook Application for App Id and Secret code.

Lets see How to create your first Facebook Application.

In order to create a Facebook Application the basic requirements are:

  1. A Domain Name (for example
  2. A Facebook Account with Developer Application Enabled (mostly It comes with).

Things to do in your Facebook Account-

  1. Go to and log in with facebook email and password.
  2. Click on My Apps then click on Add a New Appcreate new app
  3. Select website icon as per below screen shotapp plateform
  4. Enter App name and click on Create New Facebook App Id  (see screen shot below)app name
  5. Select app details as per below screen shotapp details
  6. Now click on My Apps and find out your created new app then click on dashboard
  7. Click on Settings, select Basic tab, Enter your Contact Email, click on Add Platformapp basic info
  8. you will see popup now click on Websiteapp platform
  9. Enter Site URL, you can also enter mobile site URL then click on Save Changessite url
  10. Click on Status & Review, to make it  live click on No button (if not already yes) see below screen shotapp live
  11. Click on Dashboard now note down App Id and App Secret Code and login your site with Admin, go to All Settings, find Facebook Application Id and Facebook Application Secret Code edit them enter your facebook app Id and app secret code here and Save id and secret
  12. For enable, Log in with Facebook on your Site, edit setting Want to use Facebook Connect on your site? and check it save it.

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