How to get Recaptcha keys for Cakephp User Management Plugin

Cakephp 2.x and 3.x User Management Plugin provides you Recaptcha support in registration. For enable this feature you must get Public & Private Keys from Google Recaptcha.

Lets see How to get these keys from Google

In order to get recaptcha keys the basic requirements are:

  1. A Domain Name (for example
  2. A Gmail Account

Things to do for recaptcha Keys

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Use reCAPTCHA on Your Site! (see screen shot below)
  3. Click on Sign UP Now (see screen shot below)
  4. Log in with your Gmail account
  5. Enter your site URL and you can make it global as well. (see screen shot below)
  6. Click on Create Key
  7. You will get recaptcha Public Key and Private Key (see screen shot below)
  8. Now note down Public Key and Private Key and log in your site with Admin, go to All Settings, find Enter public key for recaptcha from google and Enter private key for Recaptcha from google edit them enter your Recaptcha Public Key and Private Key here and Save them.
  9. For enable, Recaptch in Registration on your Site, edit setting Do you want to captcha support on registration form? and check it save it.

Further If you have any questions please let me know on

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